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my top 101

se5.Michigan st6.Texas7.Geogretown8.Kanas st9.West Virgina10.Purdue11.Duke12.Tennesee1
.Missisipi st21.Ohio st22.New Mexico23.UAB24.Uconn25.Baylor26.Flo
rida st27.Georiga Tech28.Northern Iowa29.Rhode Island30.St.Mary's31.Clemson32.Wake Forest33.Butler34.Missisipi st35.Cornell36.Texas A&M37.Missouri38.Northwestern39.V
irgina40.Maryland41.Old Dominion42.Wichita St43.UNLV44.Xavier45.Coastal Carolina46Harvard47.Seina48.Louisan
a Tech49.Richmond50.Texas Tech51.Dayton52.San Deigo St53.Willam&Mary54.Louisville55.Cinncinati5
6.Senton Hall57.VCU58.Charlotte59.NorthEaste
rn60.Arizona St61.Florida62.Utah63.Utah St64.TCU65.Michigan66.San Jose St67.Minnesota68.Arizona69.USC70.Oa
kland71.Washington72.Washington St73.Oregon74.South Carolina75.Oregon st76.UCLA77.Nevada78.Portland79.Ohi
o80.Maine81.Miami(FL)82.Notre Dame83.Cambell84.Providence85.USF86
.St Johns(N.Y.)87.St.Louis88.Virgina Tech89.N.C.State90.La.Salle91.Illin
George Mason96.Marshall97.Memphis98.UTEP99
.Nebraska100.Iowa St101.lona

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College Basketball Pickum Standings

Name                          Record      Points      todays guess
Mudkip86                     0-1           0            
Mr.Hockey4242             0-1           0            
Crazy_kitty                   0-1            0          
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zito winning

zito has started winning finally. after the allstar brake he is 3-1 he won yester day as the Giants beat the Reds 4-2 (and the Rockies lost to the Cubs 5-4 0) (we take the lead in the wild card). zito is finally helping could this be the key to the playoffs
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tim lincecum and matt cain combined stats

Matt Cain is 12-3 with a 2.12 era and 112 strikeouts . lincecum is 12-3 with 2.18 era and a league leading 191 strikeouts.  so all together they are 24-5 with a 2.15 era and 303 strikeouts.
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freddy sanchez gets 2 hits in debut

in the 1st itting sanchez singled just off an infeilder's glove glove in the first for his 1st hit as a giant but the big one  would be in his 3rd at bat when he doubled with a person on 1st and second scoreing both to tie the gamehe would get out in his 4th at bat.     his career stats as a giant are now this. Average .500  Hits 2  runs scored 2   runs batted in 2  home runs 0  singles one  doubles one triples zero.
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bring up bumbgarner

with the recent struggles of ryan sandowiski it could be time for bumbgarner to come up and show us what hes got. the minors are the next thing down but there is a big diffrence between a minor league slugger and people like Ryan Howard price felider and Albert Pujols.
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nl cyyoug report

standings so far ...   1.matt cain 12 wins low era 2 Dan Haren era slightly above 2 3 Tim Lincecum 9-3 low era  
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week 3 and 4 cal predicidion

week 3 vs minasoda cal 34 minasoda21 cal wins by outsoceing minasoda by overcomeing a deficit of 21 to 20 at the half to beat minasoda by 13. best will run for 98 yards. riley will trow 3 touchdown passes. week 4 vs oregon cal 21 oregon 17 cal edges oregon with a 50 yard run by best for a touchdown with 20 seconds left. best will run for 167.
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